Monday, September 3, 2012

"Bentley" (Patton) from Buffalo, New York~

Hanging out froggy style

Truly enjoying that bone!

Hi Sue!

Happy Labor Day!! Gosh....another hot one here in Buffalo. It must have hit 90 today and humid. I am beginning to look for the coming of Autumn.

Bentley got to meet the greyhound down the street Saturday morning. Joey is 9 years old and a beautiful rescue greyhound. Needless to say, Bentley scooted between my feet. Then later in the day the neighbor's shih tzu and another relative's pet shi-poo greeted Bentley at once. He was a bit more comfortable because they were closer in size.

Not too much to report this week.

He is chewing less human parts lately. I have been giving him rawhide twists and they seem to do the trick for gnawing. He also loves ice cubes.

He steals one shoe from anyone that walks in. I went to my Mom's the other night and he kept on bringing in shoes, sneakers and slippers! The new thing is the geese and ducks flying...he keeps his eyes on them for quite a bit. The squirrels are starting to tease him, running on the top of the fence and then jumping on the shed roof. He also watches airplanes!!

Still going to sleep about 8:15pm or so and sleeps right thru till next am 445am. He still requires a few naps...otherwise he gets a little out control. He is sure an active puppy when he is up!
Best to you and yours!

Kathy and Bentley Buffalo, NY