Monday, June 20, 2011

Gracie and Mandie from Missouri City, Texas~

Sue, I'm sure you've given up on me sending pictures of my girls, but here I am trying again-- hoping this works. The first 2 months after Mandie came I was sure my new name was poop lady. Ha. A 2 month old and 4 1/2 old puppy do not have the same potty time, beside not being able to remember who went when, yes it was a lot of fun. Can't tell you how much we love these little girls and they are a hit in our part of Texas. Everyone loves them--they are so beautiful and sweet. I hope you have kept one of Flower's and TicTac's puppies, our Mandie is beautiful. She's more red on her back with cream legs and white head. She's beautiful. Of course the princess (Gracie) is still asking us why we bought bossy to live in her house. Yes, Gracie is laid back and that Brazilian pup is always wanting what Gracie has, my attention and well, she's the boss. It's like she's always saying "what about me?". I could eat them both up, they are so cute!

Gracie turned 1 on June 18th and wanted you to see how beautiful they both are.  Sophie and Cubby sure make pretty pups!
1st picture is the birthday girl. They had sweet potato ice cream for the celebration. Gracie is probably wondering if Mandie will share when her birthday comes up in August. Ha.
2nd picture is when Gracie first came to us and she just cracked us up with her jumps. What was really funny was seeing Johnny jump so she would chase him.
3rd picture is Sydney sleeping with Gracie on floor. Sydney really did fall asleep. Cute huh!

4th picture just makes me want my babies back. Gracie was asleep on my lap and lil' Mandie had to be a part of it. Can't believe they stayed asleep.

5th picture are my girls now. Gracie is 1 yr and Mandie (on floor) is 9 1/2 months.
Gracie weighs 19 1/2 pounds and Vet says she's grown. Mandie weighed 18 pounds in May. They have both been spayed and we had chips put in-not that they are ever out of my sight. Love my girls and thank God for your High Calling Cockers, what a blessing you bring to so many.

Think of you often and hope new grandbaby is doing great. He must be about 6 months old. Also, I'm not sure what happened to Mike, but I'm still praying for him and you. I'm not on computer as often anymore, (because of my girls) but I know something happened in January.

Susie, Gracie and Mandie and Family