Saturday, March 12, 2011

Archie and Toby from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania~

Archie and Toby
Hi Sue,

Archie celebrated his 2nd birthday with a bunch of his therapy dog friends! He and 8 of his friends visited a local elementary school to help them with Reading Is Fundamental. We each did a presentation with our dog, telling about the breed and then sharing something about the dog. The children giggled as I told them one of the things that Archie likes is to pull toilet paper off of the roll and if they lived at my house, they would need to be careful with their homework as Archie would eat it if given the chance! I brought along party hats for all of the dogs to wear since it was Archie's birthday, but only the Great White Pyrennes and the Char Pei left their hats on! Archie then was given the Ok to come along with me to work and greeted all of the patients from behind the reception desk. If they did not pay attention to him, he would woof at them, as if to say, "hey don't you see me back here and don't you think I am the cutest thing EVER?"
Toby and Archie once again have their playground back as all of the snow has melted and we ARE NOT GOING TO GET ANY MORE! Toby is now as tall as Archie but not nearly as long and has a smaller head. Archie weighs in at 27.9 pounds with Toby topping the scales at 18.9.

Toby will begin level 3 doggy classes tonight after completing level 2 last week and doing rather well, I might add!

We hope that you and your family are all doing well and you cannot imagine what a blessing from God these 2 little doggies are!

Take care and I will try to send a photo soon,

Love ya,