Friday, March 26, 2010

Mitzi from Henrietta, New York~

Dear Mama Sue,

I went to the "Beauty Shop" today and have a new best friend, Paula. She is my "hairdresser".  She fell in love with me and didn't want to let me go home!

I look and smell so beautiful, it's hard to stay modest with all the attention I get.

My vocabulary grows by the day. My new Mom and Papa just think I am the smartest dog they ever knew.

My potty training is going very well. Most times I can make it outside and go to the door to let my family know.

They didn't think I knew how to bark, but I have a porch to play on and my Papa put a Heater there that has some red tubes that light up so I don't get cold. I bark at it, but it doesn't go away until Papa turns it off. At least now they know I can bark.

I know how much you loved me, but I am very happy here. You know that God created me to fill that emptiness in Mom & Papa's hearts and they are so happy now. We are a great family.

Give my love to all and you know I will always love you