Sunday, August 2, 2009

Piper from Victor, New York~

Dear, dear Sue,

Please forgive my being out of touch for so long -- not what I had intended, but I have been busier than I have wanted to be and it just seems "the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get"!

Piper and her Jesse, her sister, graduated from puppy kindergarten -- no formal ceremony but they have nice certificates. I've attached a photo that my sister took of Piper and Jesse with their mothers after the last class in late June. Both Jesse and Piper have continued on in the "puppy 2" class, which will be over in a couple of weeks, and especially if Michelle and I don't continue on with classes, we very much want the girls to get together now and then for sister playtimes. They are so cute together!

I am so blessed! My little Piper is an absolute sweetie, so precious. She is becoming more and more cuddly and affectionate, very much as my Chelsea was, and I just love it when she plops herself down next to me to nap when I'm on the couch or lays over my feet when I'm at the computer. She loves the outdoors, and she is just beside herself with excitement whenever we see people on our walks, and I'm sure her enthusiastic greeting must make them feel like the most important people in the world. Piper has grown very fast. She is trim and has the longest legs and weighed in at 17.6 pounds last Monday. When she stands on her hind legs, she can now put her front paws above my kitchen counter top, which is 36 inches high. She gets up on on her back legs a lot -- my sister and I think she really wants to walk as we do!

I've attached 3 photos -- the first of Piper at four months, the second, at five months, and the third, of her getting a ball out of her little puppy pool.

Sue, I love my little girl more and more each day, and when I recall how the Lord ordered everything out so that she came to live with me, I am ever so thankful. And I am so very grateful for your instrumental role in all of it.

I hope you are having a blessed summer, and I hope things have maybe been a little less demanding on you, that you have had some time to rest, relax, and enjoy.... And please remember, if you have any prayer requests, I'd be privilieged in joining you in lifting them up to the Most High.

Blessings and love,