Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Note from Mama Sue~

I hope you all enjoying Advent, and are having a great time preparing for the holidays! It is so wonderful to remember the birth of our beloved Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He came as a little babe to a young girl..a virgin... in Bethlehem, ...born to die...to save us from our sins. We have so much to be grateful for!

I know many of you are going through heartache, and many through physical challenges. Please know that I keep you in my prayers, close to my heart.

There are a few things you need to know. First, my computer is located upstairs, and I don't come up here very often. It's on this main computer that I make changes to my website and put pictures on the blog. So that's one reason I may be late getting your precious pictures updated onto the blog.

Secondly, I have had my AOL account for years and years and years. Consequently, I get a LOT of spam emails that come into my primary folder and don't go to the spam folder. There are so many of these emails (hundreds and hundreds) that I might accidentally miss something from one of my dear High Calling Cocker family members. If you sent me an email and didn't see the pictures put on the blog, would you kindly tell me so I can look for that email??? Please don't EVER think I deliberately didn't put your pictures on the blog.

It would help if you would update my email address in your computer. That way I might not miss your emails. My newest email address is MrsSusanMartin777@gmail.com

If you think of me and my hubby, please keep us in your prayers, as I will you. Also, if you have specific prayer requests, please let me know, and I will pray for you.

Much love for a blessed Advent season,

Mama Sue