Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Miss Sasha" from Toronto, Ontario, Canada~

Hello Susan and Mike,

We live closer to the North Pole than most members of the High Calling family - so we just had to take Sasha to visit Santa last weekend. She had a marvelous time with pre-Xmas treats and even a photo to record the occasion.

Yesterday (Friday the 13th) was Sasha's second birthday. It was definitely a day to celebrate the joy that this wonderful pup has brought to our lives. No doubt the families of her four littermates were celebrating too. I will never forget the special day when you placed that dear little face, lovingly wrapped in pink, into my arms.

Thank you for maintaining the blog. It is heartwarming to see the photos and to follow the life journey of the individual pups. In particular, we related to and laughed at the story of Mr Cooper and the beef stroganoff! (I still smile whenever I think of that story. )

We sincerely hope that your health is improving.

Best wishes to you and your family. May the blessings of this very special Christmas season bring Peace, Health and Joy to everyone and every cocker in the High Calling family.

Pat & Ron & Sasha