Monday, June 13, 2011

Drummer Boy from Grand Junction, Colorado~

Hi, Sue!

Dolly's puppies are SO cute! I'll be praying for the perfect home for little

Franklin. It's never a girl that's left - it's always a boy! LOL!

We're enjoying some warm weather now. It sure took it long enough to get here!

Now we're dealing with flooding since all of the snow is melting. The snowpack

this year was way above normal, so the Colorado River is much higher. The

runoff is also very late this year. The river usually peaks in May, but we're

just now hitting the peak. Like other areas in the country, the flooding is

reaching higher than it has in many years.

Glenn took some pictures of Drummer over the weekend and I wanted to share a

couple with you. I'm attaching two to this email. I couldn't decide which one

to send, so I'm sending both! I'm going to try to send a third one separately.

I had just brushed him and that picture really shows off his gorgeous coat!

However, it's in a different program and I can't seem to get it loaded into

the file that I want. We have a new computer and things are set up

differently. Anyway, I'll try to send it separately.

Thanks for such a beautiful and fun-loving dog! He's got us wrapped around his

little tail that hardly ever stops wagging! LOL!

You're in my prayers with all of these litters coming along!

Love ya!

Mary :o)

Drummer's parents are Sophie and Cubby~