Monday, March 7, 2011

They're back!!!

This is the day I wait for in the springtime each year!!!  My redwinged blackbirds have returned "home". I listen every morning for their distinctive song of springtime. I listened intently first thing this morning, but no, they weren't here yet.  However...when I returned home from taking Mike for his hyperbaric treatments, I spotted some more black birds than usual in the big tree that shades my dog runs. I stopped and listened, and sure enough...there was their distinctive melody.  I have a grin on my face a mile long!  It means springtime has officially arrived at our home, even though there is snow everywhere.  I checked my blog archives to see when they came back last year, and it was March 10th.  So we're three days ahead of schedule!  Praise God for His goodness!  I was worried they wouldn't come this year, since there was that terrible accident of sorts down south where they found thousands of them dead on lawns and in the streets.  They never did find out what caused their demise.  But they have returned, and the promise of springtime is upon us.  They made my day!  Thank You, Lord, for bringing this joy back to my heart!!!