Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our trip to Fort Benning, Georgia~

        Well, we are back from our trip down South.  What a wonderful time we had, and traveled through New York, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina,Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and then back home to New York. We made it all the way down to Savannah.  We saw David graduate from Army Ranger School, ...then enjoyed the Infantry Museum at Fort Benning the next day. We drove to Savannah, and drove through the Historic section...and then drove out to Tybee Island and enjoyed the beach and the Atlantic Ocean for a short time before heading back North.  I can't believe the beautiful foliage we saw....truly breathtaking scenery!!  We made the trip home from Savannah in one day, with David behind the wheel.  That was a tad scary, watching him take those Pennsylvania turns in the dark at that speed.  So I layed down and tried to sleep.  Needless to say, the trip has taken its toll on me.
I'm exhausted.  But it was worth it.  Next time I'm flying.  LOL
Here are some pictures of the highlights of our trip.

David at his apartment complex, a "gated" community.