Sunday, May 23, 2010

Abby from Williamsville, New York~

To all the teacher's out there - it can happen! The old chestnut of the "dog ate my homework" almost came true at our house, with a slight twist. Abby, in her constantly chewing on anything and everything mode didn't chew Alexa's homework, she chewed MY computer! Late last night I was sitting on the couch doing I don't know what on the laptop we use downstairs and I had to run to the bathroom. I came back into the family room and the laptop had been dragged off the couch turned upside down and Abby was happily chewing on the letter "G". She had also managed to pry off at least four other keys and had 6-10 more off kilter. I'm so glad I got the full warranty and service package with this puppy, er computer

 I ran over to Best Buy this morning, computer in tow and sheepishly told the Geek Squad - "The dog ate it..."

Abby says "Hello" as she is rummaging through my room and under my feet as I type trying to get into trouble!

All the best, Donna