Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lainey from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada~

Hi Sue, just wanted to say Hello and hope all is well with your family.
Lainey, is sooooooooooooooooo growing like a weed. She is a total "Joy" and has a mind of her own. Jag (cat) and Lainey are getting along better every day. Lainey has NOT met a "dog/dog walker" that she doesn't like. They all think she's terrific. We are having so much fun walking --- she's met many of Maddy's old buddies. She is NOT afraid of any size dog. She also travels very well in the car. I love her so much. I've told you she has a huge personality and so much fun to have in our lives.
Hope this picture gets to you --- and I hope you can see at this angle just how much Lainey looks like her Mommy Sophie (eyes/head shape). She has Cubby's coat and his nose. Just a real beauty.
Huggers Sue, Jag & Lainey
P.S. If this works I'll send you one on Lainey and Jag the day I really knew they would be great friends.